October 26, 2013

Open Tests!

For the ones who were waiting ... Great news!

I finished the campaign made some changes and fixes, and now there is beta version of Megom Chronicles: Memory Crystal!

So now I am searching for those brave ones who want to test it. The game is 100% playable has minor bugs, text typos and so on. It needs more polishing do that's why I am introducing you to open tests!

Test will allow you to play this game as one of first! You will receive extra map of Aalondor, which you will need during tests. You will receive also "Tester's Diary" a small Excell file where you can find methodology of testing and space where you can write found bugs.

I am seaching from 3 - 5 testers no more no less. It will be good to test it on various levels of difficulties so I will choose people according to their gaming skills.

Please write your applications to e-mail adress: mich.krajewski[at]gmail.com
Write down on which difficulty you will be playing. I warn you - campaign is rather hard.

Campaign properties:
Game version: Equilibris v3.51 (You can download it here: EQ mod)
Players: 1
8 Maps: M, M, L, XL, M, M, L, XL


  1. Great , great job. Thank you

  2. Hi there, I have started the campaign but am stuck on the first map. I am supposed to cross a gate to enter a volcano, but I am supposed to find a console "nearby." Well I cannot find this console anywhere. I don't know what it looks like. Can you help?

  3. You can find a nature shrine near the entrance. This is the console :)

  4. Hi I still need help. Can you just give me a spoiler for this? I have cleared the entire map, conquered every town and resource but cannot find anyway to get someone with Nature Magic so they can learn the spell. Thanks!

  5. First find 3 pandora boxes then visit nature shrine. You don't have to learn the spell. Read victory condition to learn more.

  6. Yeah I did that, I picked up all the globes, put them into the shrine, still getting the message that I need to do something to the console. Maybe it is a bug?

  7. Maybe. I will check it later since i don't have an access to my computer. Please be patient.
    Ps: did you visited the red town in upper right corner of the map?

  8. Ah, nevermind I finally figured out, I am in the volcano! By the way, thanks for making this campaign, I look forward to the next scenario!

  9. I am happy that you solved it out! Keep that way! Thanks for playing the campaign;))