September 18, 2013

Update IV

I have tested 6th map and now I am currently testing map 7th - the one before last map. I have decided to change few things but still it isn't a lot. A slow progress is mainly a result of a job... I was thinking of releasing the beta version still in september, but it will be rather october.

During the works on this campaign my script skill improved, so that I can see all these stupid solutions in MC:ToS, which now I would made totally differently.

List of major changes:
  • Lowering the number of megadragons the King of Megadragons had - he had them too much.
  • Changed one riddle in the 6th map so that it is optional, not essential to pass the maze. It was difficult even for me, but the reward is pretty neat.
  • Map 5th need a lot of changes in creatures stacks because it is a RPG style map, and creatures were too big for the player even in the novice difficulty. Creatures were changed to computer banner and dinamically changed to no player .It is great because I can steer in which day it happens, increasing or decreasing the difficulty. It is really good solution for all RPG style maps.
  • The main hero will have limited number of spell points which have an explanation in the story. Before it had from the start of 6th map a great amount of mana, which is irrational.
  • Apart form major changes there were lot of smaller one for example: quest hut which didn't work, text mistakes, carryover errors, which were annoying because I had to restart the map.

More things to do:
  • Replace bless wand for healing wand.
  • I changed the winning moment in the 6th map making the map more difficult, because player don't have time for playfull strolling.

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