March 15, 2013

Update I

To ones that don't know on which stage are preparations of MC: Memory Chrystal: Project is slowly developing. The release of new campaign is planned for this year.

These are goals for this year:
1. Making the last 8th map of campaign. (essential)
2. Testing and polishing the campaign. (essential)
3. Promoting the campaign. (partially done)
4. Making new menu. (additional)

Since I will soon start a job, so the making process will be on hold. It will be later than I thought, but still the campaign will be in this year (if testers will be quick).

Meanwhile you can play the other campaigns. For example The Astral Romance, which was little changed in 1.12 version. Now the plot of AR is placed in Aalondor World in a country named Preturia (Before there were strange references to Erathia, which are just obsolete). Preturia will appear in the newest campaign.


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