December 29, 2014

Time of release! First week of January 2015!

I am proud to announce that after many perturbations, the Memory Crystal Campaign for Heroes of Might and Magic 4 will be released in first week (or so) of January 2015. I am sorry for all those fans who have waited for the campaign and for the continously changing the release date. It was because I was working on my own fanmade menu theme. Yes, that's right! The new campaign will have it's own menu image and music!

The new campaign will consist of:
- 8 beautiful maps, each tested by four mapmakers.
- custom prortait
- new main manu image and music!
- a great amount of fun and addictive story line.

Here I have made a teaser for all of you but specialy for the ones who didn't forgot about my project. It will show you what are you about to experience in the game.

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